Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Custom printed vertical blinds - a unique solution for stylish interiors

We supply custom printed vertical (louvre/slatted) blinds for that unique finishing touch for corporate or domestic interiors. Order slats only to match an existing installation or a complete solution including headrail, chains, weights and cord tidy, ready for installation. For local clients we are happy to recommend expert installers to measure, supply and fit your blinds if you prefer. For custom printed roller blinds click here.

A lineart image printed on vertical blinds.
Line-art image used as a blackout blind.

Image of a woman checking her makeup - printed on vertical blinds.
Corporate Interiors

Blinds with your corporate branding, product images or logos provide a great opportunity to get your message across. Alternatively, an inspiring landscape or intriguing piece of artwork will keep visitors engaged in your reception area. Perfect for showrooms, restaurants, offices and many other venues. The possiblities are endless.

This photograph shows an image used to promote beauty products.

Image of patio door with custom printed blinds showing a beach image.
Domestic Interiors

Holiday snaps, portraits, your toddler's artistic efforts ... all can be used to create a wonderful and unique blind to brighten up your interior. Alternatively you can purchase high resolution stock photos from various royalty free stock libraries available online.

This photograph shows a beach scene used on vertical blinds for a patio door.

Choice of materials
Vertical blinds on tranlucent material

We print on a variety of media including blackout material as well as translucent materials such as polyester canvas which give a backlit effect in direct sunlight as shown here.

Measuring for new custom printed vertical blinds:

Use a metal tape measure marked in cm or mm for accuracy and double check to ensure you have measured at the narrowest point. Look out for window handles and ensure windows opens outwards otherwise the vertical blinds will have to be pulled to the sides when you open the window.

For vertical blinds it is best to install inside the window/patio recess. Your custom printed blinds will be made to best fit this recess. We will make adjustments to cope with headrail and components and margins around the side and bottom to allow the blinds to move freely. The vertical blinds are produced such that your printed image is visible on the inside of the window or patio. Let us know if you would prefer the image to be visible on the outside.

Measuring width, height and depth of sliding patio door recess
  1. Measure the recess depth (D). For 89mm (3.5") wide slats you will need a minimum recess of 100mm and for 127mm (5") wide slats you will need a minimum recess of 140mm.
  2. Measure the width (W). Please note that long headrails may need to be split for ease of carriage.
  3. Measure the height (H).
  4. Decide whether you prefer standard 127mm (5") width slats or 89mm (3.5") width slats bearing in mind that the 127mm wide ones are more economical than 89mm ones over the same overall recess width.
  5. Let us know whether you would like the control chain on the left or right.
metric measuring tape

Measuring for replacement custom printed vertical blinds:

Replacing the slats on your existing vertical blinds with a custom printed set is easy:

  1. Measure the overall width (W) of the recess.
  2. Count the total number of vertical slats.
  3. Send us one of the existing vertical slats so we can make sure your new custom printed ones fit correctly.

If you were looking for customised roller blinds click here.