Pop-ups Overview

Pop-ups Overview

Lightweight and easily transportable, pop-up displays are ideal for exhibitions, conferences, presentations or static information displays.

Systems are available in straight or curved formats, in a variety of configurations. Two or more pop-ups can be used in combination to create large backdrops or more unusual shapes to fill almost any exhibition space. Unlike custom-built stands, they are re-usable, portable, easy to transport and can be set up in a few minutes.

Magnetic fixings are used to attach flexible graphic panels to the framework, making up the "all-over" images synonymous with pop-up displays. The graphic panels are printed on premium photograde media, finished with a scuff-resistant front laminate and an opaque backing for maximum durability.

Aerial view of two or more pop-up displays joined together to create large backdrops or unusual shapes.
Take frame and accessories out of the carry case Pull the pop-up frame open. Move the frame into position Snap the magnetic rails into place. Hang and position the flexible graphic panels. Sit back and relax - your display is ready.

Pop-up Display Configurations

Some of the terminology used for pop-up display systems is explained below and may help in determining which system and configuration would best suit your requirements.

Configuration - 2x3, 3x3, 4x3
4x3 consists of 4 main panels and 2 end panels 2x3 3x3 and 4x3 configurations

The designations 2x3, 3x3, 4x3 refer to the number of columns and rows which make up the pop-up framework. The first digit refers to the number of columns, which also corresponds to the number of main graphic panels. For example a 4x3 system will have 4 main graphic panels plus 2 end panels.

Curved or Straight Systems

Pop-up display systems are available as curved or straight versions and can have graphics on one or both sides. The diagrams below are aerial views of, respectively, a 4x3 curved system with graphics on the "inside", a 4x3 curved system with graphics on the "outside" and a straight 4x3 with graphics on one side.

Graphics on inside of curve system Graphics on "outside" of curved system Graphics on one side of a straight system
Two 3x3 curved systems joined to make an 's-shape'

Pop-up display systems can be used in much more complicated configurations by joining two or more systems together. For example, two curved systems can be used to form an ‘s-shape’ as shown here. Graphics can also be attached to both sides of the pop-up.

Aerial view of 2 systems joined to make an 's-shape'

Standard, Midi or Mini Sizes

Depending on the range, pop-up display systems are available in up to three different heights:

Relative sizes of the Series 7000 4x3 pop-up systems.

Standard: The largest of the three giving the maximum display area, ideal for exhibition venues where maximum impact is needed.

Midi: Almost as large as the Standard but lower in height to allow use in offices and other buildings where ceiling heights may be restricted.

Mini: Ideal for venues where ceiling height is very limited or where a standard or midi system would be too imposing. Also useful when it is essential to further reduce weight for transportation.

Here we've shown relative sizes of the Series 7000 4x3 systems.

Pop-up Display Ranges

Accura Imaging offers several ranges of conventional pop-up displays at different price points and with some unique characteristics. They are all quality products from reputable manufacturers; products which we have tried and tested extensively. If you need assistance in choosing which one would best suit your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In adition to these we also offer the superb Octanorm Vario d400 - a hybrid of pop-up technology and modular display systems. Hop-up Displays are very similar to pop-ups except they use a one-piece fabric graphic. The ISOframe Wave system offers unique flexibility and the Centro Modular Display System complements this range of displays to cover almost any requirement.

Graphics panels are produced with the same superb quality and care, regardless of which pop-up system you choose. Quality is our overriding concern. We use high resolution printers, the best Postscript RIPs to control them and carefully chosen printing and laminating materials. Together with extensive testing, these factors all contribute to achieving results that are second to none.

If you already have a pop-up system from another supplier (eg. Abex, DisplayMaker, Nimlock, Nomadic, Plex, Skyline or Ultima) and are looking for replacement graphics or spares, please contact us for a quote.