Centro Modular Displays

Centro Modular Displays

The Centro range is a versatile array of portable, modular units which can be used to create standalone displays for exhibitions, conferences and retail environments. Like pop-up displays, they offer a cost-effective alternative to custom-built exhibition stands and their modular nature affords enormous flexibility in how they are deployed.

The standard configurations shown below are just a starting point; with a range of optional accessories and components the possibilities are endless - from static displays and graphic walls to exciting multimedia presentations. All assembled and dismantled easily and stored in their own custom made carry cases.

Key Features
  • Innovative modular display system allowing an unlimited range of configurations, large or small
  • Robust, eleant anodised aluminium construction
  • Shaped base plates to maximise stability
  • Contemporary neon acrylic features
  • Requires only a single 4mm hex key for complete assembly
  • All components dismantle easily for storage and transportation in moulted wheeled trolley cases
  • Simple magnetic fixing of high quality laminated graphic panels
  • Moulded cases accomodate display hardware and graphic panels
  • Range of optional accessories to enhance and extend the display
Centro2 & Centro3 Kits

The Centro2 kits, available in straight and curved configurations, consist of two supporting posts with a framework to support either 1, 2 or 3 graphic panels, each panel being 750 mm wide and 1990 mm high. The Centro3 kits are similar to the Centro2 straight configurations but with additional supporting posts between the graphic panels.

Centro2 straight Centro2 curved Centro3
Centro2 straight Centro2 curved Centro3

Wheeled trolley cases hold the components and graphic panels. A laminated top and graphic wrap can be added to convert it into a display counter. Case dimensions are 520 mm (w) x 440 mm (d) x 1130 mm (h). Weight approx 10 kg.

  Centro wheeled trolley case Centro case holds system and graphics

Dimensions and weights for the standard kits (overall height of all kits is 2020 mm):


Kit reference:   C2KS/75 C2KS/150 C2KS/225   C2KC/75 C2KC/150 C2KC/225   C3KS/150 C3KS/225
No. of 750mm panels   1 2 3   1 2 3   2 3
Max. width (mm)   1,226 1,976 2,726   1,263 2,007 2,695   2,269 3,312
Depth (mm)   380 380 380   378 393 567   380 380
Number of cases   1 1 1   1 1 1   2 2
Total weight (kg)   31 33 35   31 33 35   53 65

The kits can be assembled with or without horizontal spacer bars between the posts and frame. The maximum width quoted includes the spacer bars. The total weight includes the aluminium components and cases but excludes graphic panels.

Centro counter kit Centro screen mounting kit Centro screen mounting kit Centro literature holder
Counter Kit: Elegent freestanding counter with magnetically attached graphic panel. Screen Mounting Kit: Bracket clamp to secure screens up to 22" to the Centro post. Brochure holder: Colour co-ordinated acrylic A4 portrait brochure holder to fit on Centro post.
Centro Podium kit Centro acrylic post caps Centro lights
Podium Kit: Clamps securely to Centro system posts in a variety of positions. Available in blue, green, red or white. Acrylic post caps: Available in blue, green, red or white. Lights: To add the finishing touch to your display.
Centro iPad stands    
iPad Stands: A variety of options to hold tablets.