Exhibition Stands Overview

Exhibition Stands Overview

The display systems featured in this section of the website can all be used to create large, imposing graphic displays for maximum impact at exhibitions as well as other venues. Once assembled, their large size and solid appearance, however, disguise an important set of characteristics common to all of them:

  • Portable - designed to be used at different venues with minimum effort
  • Easy to transport - the wheeled transit cases will fit in most cars; no need to hire a van
  • Compact for storage - occupy remarkable little space compared to their fully assembled dimensions
  • Easy to use - set up and taken apart by a single person in minutes; no need for a team of installers
  • Modular - easy to adapt, extend and re-configure as needs dictate
  • Inexpensive - very cost effective when compared to custom-built exhibition stands

A brief description of the systems follows. Please use the links on the sidebar for more details on each one.

Pop-up Displays

The pop-ups overview section gives a detailed description of the functionality of these systems which are very effective for filling large exhibition spaces at minimal cost. We offer a range of systems with slightly different features. The Series 4000 provides the least-cost route to this type of display stand.

Pop-ups overview Pop-ups overview Pop-ups overview
Series 4000 Pop-ups Series 6000 Pop-ups Series 7000 Pop-ups

Vario d400
Vario d400 Pop-ups

A slight variation on traditional pop-up systems with aluminium extrusions instead of graphic panels on the ends. A hybrid of pop-up technology and modular display systems.

Centro Modular
Centro Modular Displays

Simple, minimalist design that complements the above systems. Easy to set up and dismantle, the Centro systems are perfect for semi-permanent displays too.

ISOframe Ripple
ISOframe Ripple

A flexible linked banner system for creating exhibition stands of various sizes.

ISOframe Wave
ISOframe Wave

A versatile system that offers outstanding flexibility in creating displays of all shapes and sizes.

T3 Modular
T3 Modular Displays

A versatile "twist & lock" modular display system for constructiong exhibition stands of all shapes and sizes.

Hop-up Displays
Hop-up Displays Hop-up Displays

This uses a pop-up style frame to hold a one-piece fabric graphic. The graphic remains attached to theframe even when collapsed allowing almost instantaneous set-up.

Folding Panel Kits
Folding Panel Kits

These traditional folding panel kits remain a popular choice for portable displays.