Signtific Range

Signtific Range

Distinctive Danish design, quality construction and finishing combined with some unique features make theSigntific range an exciting addition to our range of premium roller banners. From the minimalist Jupiter to the versatile Mars and Saturn stands, to the double-sided Neptune - all are available in a variety of widths and feature telescopic poles that allow them to be used up to a towering 2.4 metres in height - taller than most roller banners on the market. If you do not need such an imposing graphic, they work equally well with much smaller panels and can even be used on a desktop.


The Mars offers some unique features. The substantial base holds an interchangeable graphic cartridge; as well as being able to replace the graphic in one cartridge you can have multiple cartridges with different graphics all ready to use in an instant. A slide-in graphic holder at the front of the base enables easy branding of the stand. For an interactive display, an optional LCD mounting clamp allows a monitor to be attached to the banner (through a small hole in the graphic). With a maximum height of over 2.4m, and widths ranging from 850 to 2000 mm, the Mars makes a very impressive display.

Mars base front Mars base back Mars interchangeable cartridge
Mars banner stand with graphic


Offering almost identical functionality to the Mars, but available in fewer widths, is the Saturn which has a different shaped base, without the slide-in graphic holder.

Saturn base Saturn base
Saturn banner stand with graphic


The simplest of the four stands, the Jupiter has a non-interchangeable cartridge but the graphic can still be easily replaced. A lightweight, minimalist design retaining the impressive 2.4m maximum height.

Jupiter base
Jupiter banner stand with graphic


The Neptune stand offers the simplicity of the Jupiter in a double-sided configuration. Normally the grapghic panels are displayed back-to-back for all-round visibility. Available to special order are versions with different width front and rear cartridges. This allows some interesting effects with two front-facing graphic panels, the front one being narrower than the rear.

Neptune base Neptune base with different width front and rear
Neptune banner stand with graphic