Corporate & Gift Clocks

Corporate & Gift Clocks

For business ...

Custom printed clocks are a unique and cost-effective way of promoting your business. Available with or without frames in a range of sizes, the designs can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Choose from a set of standard layouts or give us a design brief and we will create the artwork to your specification (including sourcing of suitable images from image libraries).

Applications include:

  • Prominent and functional displays in foyers, reception areas etc
  • Multi-timezone displays
  • Corporate gifts for your important clients
  • Retirement gifts with a truly personal touch
... or pleasure

A personalised gift clock is practical as well as decorative and one which will be treasured for years to come. Custom printed clocks are an unusual and exciting way of putting a distinctively personal touch to gifts, ensuring they will not be forgotten or discarded. Suitable for all sorts of events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, or perhaps just a say thank you or to celebrate a friendship - the range of possibilities is only limited by your imagination.

We provide some standard easily customisable layouts which may suffice in many cases. However, for a totaly unique end-product you may wish to design the graphics yourself. Alternatively, give us a detailed description of the sort of design you are considering and let us create the artwork. We can even source suitable pictures for your project from various picture libraries or even have new photographs shot to your requirements.

Of course you may want custom-printed clocks in your own home or office; perhaps incorporating pictures of family and friends, or a reminder of a wonderful holiday or event. We produce clocks in a variety of sizes and styles and you can even have them framed for maximum impact.

  • Corporate Clocks
  • Gift Clocks
Custom printed clock for Ray Borley Dunkley Solicitors
Custom printed promotional clock for GRH Cars
Custom printed clock for Monarch Models reception area


Multiple time zones display on custom graphic panel
Aromatherapy reception area clock
Personalised gift clock for boy's birthday
Custom printed gift clock for a special girl's birthday
Personalised gift clock for the world's best granny
Custom gift clock to remember holiday on ice
Personalised gift clock to celebrate wedding
Gift clock with river scene with space for your personalised message.
Custom printed gift clock with painted image of home.
Custom printed gift clock with boats scene.
Custom printed gift clock with fjords scene.
Framed custom printed gift clock with Toronto image
Framed custom printed gift clock with picture of leopard.
Framed custom printed gift clock with photo of dolphin.