Series 4000 Pop-up

Series 4000 Pop-up Displays

The Series 4000 is a versatile range of pop-up systems, available in straight or curved configurations from 2x3 to 5x3. The system is lightweight, portable and locks magnetically when expanded, making it easy to assemble a large exhibition display in minutes.

Series 4000 has two variants. The 'Quick' version, distinguished by an anodised crimson framework, comes in lots of different configurations and can be ordered with a range of cases and accessories.

Series 4000 pop-up display The 'Impact' version shown here, with a more sombre grey framework, is limited to the most common 3x3 and 4x3 curved configurations in very competitively priced kits complete with a wheeled transit case, a tabletop for the case and two floodlamps.
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Closeup of Series 4000 pop-up frame node Wheeled case. Series 4000 halogen floodlamp

Magnetic bars simply snap onto the pop-up frame.

Wheeled transit case. Halogen floodlamp.

Impact bundle

Series 4000 Specifications
2 x 3 Configuration
3 x 3 Configuration
4 x 3 Configuration
Series 4000 2x3 configuration
Series 4000 3x3 Configuration
Series 4000 4x3 Configuration
Overall dimensions inc graphics in metres
w x h x d
w x h x d
w x h x d
'Impact' Curved
2.54 x 2.25 x 0.69
3.07 x 2.25 x 0.96
Weights in Kg
frame + magnetic bars + graphics
frame + magnetic bars + graphics
frame + magnetic bars + graphics
4.8 + 5.0 + 6.9
6.4 + 5.8 + 8.4