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About Us

Accura Imaging specialises in large format digital printing for exhibition stands, portable pop-up display systems, indoor and outdoor banners, floor graphics, point-of-sale displays, backlit transparencies, posters, signs, backdrops, fine art prints and countless other applications.

The Total Solution

As a prepress bureau we provide a comprehensive range of in-house services necessary to see the job through from design to finished display. These include image editing and manipulation, montaging, 3-D modelling and rendering, artwork origination, proofing, print mounting, lamination and encapsulation.

Technical Expertise

Essential to our success is continual investment in technology; superb quality printing and finishing equipment, class-leading postscript RIPs, fully integrated Macintosh and PC networks and all the application software packages required to support our clients.

Quality & Reliability

Established in 1993, we have been in the industry since the early days of large format digital printing and have built up a reputation for providing the highest quality, reliable service at competitive prices. The experience and commitment of our staff means you can take comfort in our technical know-how, friendly and helpful attitude, and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

Working Together

Our clients range from freelance designers to multinational corporations. Some are graphics professionals looking for a reliable disk-to-print bureau while others rely on us to recommend solutions for their display requirements, source and manipulate images, originate all the artwork and present the final product, ready to exhibit.

Visit our showroom and let us open your eyes to the amazing range of solutions on offer. To arrange an appointment or to discuss how we can help you look your best, contact us today. You'll be surprised at what we can do for your image.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    Q: How long have you been established?
    A: Accura Imaging was established in 1993 and we have been involved in large format printing since early 1996.

    Q: Why haven't we heard of you before?
    A: We don't have the advertising budgets of some of our bigger competitors. However, we do have the skills and the experience to provide a service of exceptional quality. Try us and find out for yourself.

    Q: Are you related to any other company?
    A: No. We are completely independent.

    Q: Who are your clients?
    A: Our clients include individuals, design companies, advertising agencies, small and medium sized enterprises and large multinational corporations.

    Q: Where are you based?
    A: We are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (junction 14 on the M1 motorway).

    Q: Can you demonstrate your display systems?
    A: Yes. Please contact us if you would like to visit our showroom.

    Q: Can you accept payment by debit or credit card?
    A: Yes. We use PayPal for electronic payments so your credit or debit card details remain secure. We charge an additional handling fee for credit cards.

  • Display Systems

    Q: What exactly do you do - printing or selling display systems?
    A: Our expertise lies in large format digital printing and finishing. We do not manufacture the display systems ourselves - they are sourced from carefully selected suppliers who we believe are the best in the business.

    Q: Do you offer a 'lifetime warranty' with your display systems?
    A: No. Our display systems are carefully chosen and of the highest standards. However, all systems are vulnerable to accidental damage and misuse in the field. Systems damaged in this way will not be replaced free of charge, however, repair or replacement of damaged components will be done as cost effectively as possible - sometimes this may even mean free! We do not believe in offering a 'no-questions-asked lifetime warranty' as this would not allow us to price our systems at such a competitive level.

    Q: Can you visit us to demonstrate your display systems?
    A: No. We do not employ sales reps who visit customer sites. It would be impossible to show you the full range of products in this way as it would require travelling around with a large transit van packed to the brim! We invite any prospective clients to arrange to visit us on a mutually convenient date so we can demonstrate a particular system. This way you can see the full range of options available and ask any questions you may have.

    Q: We already have a display system supplied by another company. Can you supply just the graphics?
    A: Usually, yes. You need to give us full details of the system so that we can source the exact fixings required for the graphics - this is especially true for pop-up displays. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

    Q: There's a lot of stuff here about display systems. Can you just produce normal prints?
    A: Of course, that's what we are really good at! Other common items we produce are posters, encapsulated prints and prints laminated and mounted on to foamex (rigid PVC) or foamboard.

  • Prices

    Q: Why aren't there any prices on your web site?
    A: With so many different products, options and services, it would be impossible to keep the web site fully updated at all times or to cover all your requirements. Also it is nearly impossible to provide volume discounts without knowing exact quantities. Currently, we have price lists which cover most common requirements. Please call us so we can gauge your exact requirements and provide you with a quote.

    Q: What about discounts?
    A: Quantity discounts are available - please call to discuss.

    Q: Can I get a job turned around quicker by paying a 'rush charge'?
    A: No. If you have a tight deadline and we think we can meet it, we will make every effort to do so without charging extra.

    Q: I've seen some banner stands which seem to look just like yours but they are cheaper. Why?
    A: All the banner stands in our range are high quality original designs from reputable manufacturers that we have been working with for a long time. There are, however, many cheap and usually inferior copies of some of these designs on the market and it is possible that you have seen one of these. They are usually limited in functionality and/or are not up to the same quality standards. If you really do want the cheaper versions, please let us know and we shall try and source them for you.

    Q: Why are your pop-up display prices so much lower than some other suppliers?
    A: We try to offer the most competitive prices possible, but without compromising on quality. However, some suppliers offer a 'no-questions-asked lifetime warranty' on their products, which means they have to build in costs for free repairs, replacement and transportation in case you damage the system, sometimes effectively doubling the overall cost to you. All of our systems are well built and provided you take adequate care they should last a long time. If you do damage the system and it needs repair, we do this at minimal cost - please see display systems FAQ for more details.

    Q: Some suppliers charge a 'checking fee' for artwork. Do you do the same?
    A: No. Generally, we prefer your designer or artworker to contact us prior to setting up the artwork so that the majority of potential problems can be ironed out. If the artwork still needs fixing we would contact you before doing any extra work. We can usually also supply artwork templates. Please see the artwork FAQ for more details.

    Q: I understand the quality/price trade-off. However, I have this one job which has to be done cheaper and I would rather not go elsewhere.
    A: Call us. There may be a cheaper way of doing the job or there may be a justifiable compromise that can be made.

  • Artwork

    Q: In what formats can you accept artwork?
    A: Our preferred format is Quark Xpress for Macintosh or PC. We can also accept artwork in other applications such as Adobe InDesign, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand, CorelDraw and high resolution Acrobat PDF. Please call us so that we can advise you on how to set up your artwork in order to minimise any potential problems during printing.

    Q: Can you supply templates for setting up the artwork on a Mac or PC?
    A: Yes, in most cases.

    Q: How should images be supplied?
    A: Photographic images should be supplied scanned in CMYK mode. Images should be saved in TIFF format or Photoshop EPS format (with JPEG encoding at the maximum quality setting). JPEG format should be avoided if possible. Line art should be supplied in Illustrator EPS or Freehand EPS format.

    Q: Are pictures taken with a digital camera good enough for large-format printing?
    A: The optimum resolution for large format printing is 150 dpi at the final printed size. If the digital picture is between 72 and 150 dpi at the final printed size and has good quality colour and contrast then it should be fine.

    Q: What about fonts?
    A: Use Postscript fonts wherever possible. We can handle TrueType fonts as well, but a lot depends on which application has been used to create the artwork. To avoid potential font conflicts, please supply screen and printer versions of the fonts used. Alternatively convert text to curves or supply the artwork as a high resolution Acrobat PDF file.

    Q: We need a good colour match for our company logo. How should we set up the artwork?
    A: If your logo uses particular Pantone spot colours, keep those colours as spot colours in your artwork and do NOT convert them to CMYK. Let us know what these spot colours are and we shall try and match them as close as possible within the confines of 6 colour (CMYKcm) large format printing. If you can provide previously printed samples, that can also help.

    Q: Quark Xpress does not allow me to set up a document size exceeding 1220 mm. What should I do?
    A: Many applications enforce a maximum document size which is smaller than panel sizes for pop-up displays and banner stands. In this case, set up the artwork at 50% or even 25% of the real size and let us know so that we can scale it upwards at the printing stage. Remember to ensure the image resolution at the final printed size (after scaling up) does not drop below 72 dpi, although 120 to 150 dpi is preferable. Avoid setting up the artwork at 33%, 10% or less than 10% of real size as this may cause rounding errors when scaling up.

    Q: How much bleed should I allow?
    A: Depends on what you are setting up artwork for. In general, allow at least 3 mm bleed life size all round. Artwork for roller banner stands should allow at least 50mm bleed at the bottom to avoid a white sliver showing at the bottom when the graphic is on display.

    Q: Should I send you a colour proof or a PDF file?
    A: Yes, hard copy is the best. However, if you are working to a tight deadline, send us an Adobe Acrobat PDF proof. Please mark any special spot colours eg. Pantones.

    Q: Can I email you artwork?
    A: Email is okay for sending small files, however, if your file exceeds 40 Mb in size it will probably get held up at one of the email servers on the internet. Please send files larger than 40 Mb on disk or via FTP - contact us for details on how to upload to our FTP site.

    Q: Can I send artwork by FTP?
    A: Yes. Please contact us so that we can provide you with login details. Compress the artwork with Stuffit or WinZip and then you can upload the .sit or .zip file. Call or email us once you have completed uploading the file.

    Q: My files are just too big for email or FTP. What disk formats can you accept?
    A: You can send us Macintosh or PC artwork on CD or DVD.