The Y-Band (ABS 500) is one of the earliest outdoor stands of it's type. Lightweight and easy to transport the system takes just a few moments to set up. Once on-site the base can be filled with approximately 18 litres of water to form a heavy platform. With the graphic tensioned into place, you have an attractive, stable display that can be used even in wet and windy conditions.

The Y-Band system is made of durable plastic, aluminium and carbon fibre to withstand the rigours of outdoor use but can also be used indoors. Ideal for public areas such as shopping centres, car showrooms, railway stations, airports and open-air trade events.

Whether used on a forecourt, at the roadside or in a muddy field, dirt can simply be washed off with water when you are ready to pack the system away.

Components of Y-Band banner stand Y-Band - fill base with approx. 18 litres of water for extra stability.

Y-Band - example. Y-Band - simple slot-in assembly and adjustable mast height.
Y-Band banner stand Y-Band outdoor banner example.

Y-Band (ABS 500) Specifications
 width (mm)height (mm)depth (mm)
Graphic dimensions 450 - 650 1600 - 2100
Overall dimensions when on display 450 - 650 1750 - 2300 630
Footprint 450 - 650
Dimensions when packed in carry bag 1040 260 430
Weight of complete system 3.5 to 4.5 kg depending on graphic