Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Our custom printed roller blinds are a great way of brightening up corporate or domestic interiors. You can design the artwork yourself, use an existing photograph or purchase royalty free image from various online stock libraries. Holiday snaps, club logos, famous landmarks, children’s photos … the list is endless.

Metric measuring tape

Measuring for Custom Printed Roller Blinds:

Use a metal tape measure marked in cm or mm for accuracy and double check to ensure you have measured at the narrowest point. Note that there will be a gap of approximately 15mm between the edge of the fabric to the end of the roller mechanism. The roller blind is normally supplied with the image visible on the inside of the window. Let us know if you want the image to be visible on the outside.

Inside recess:
How to measure inside recess for roller blinds
  1. Measure the recess (D) and ensure it is at least 60mm deep or the blind will protrude beyond the recess.
  2. Measure the width (W) in full - do not reduce it by 15mm on either side - we will take care of that.
  3. Measure the height (H).
  4. Let us know whether you would like the chain on the left or right.
Outside recess:
How to measure rolelr blinds outside recess
  1. You need to decide how much fabric to overlap the top, bottom and sides of the window recess. Normally we allow 50mm for top and bottom overlap and 65mm for the sides.
  2. Measure the width including the overlap (W).
  3. Measure the drop including the overlap (H).
  4. Let us know whether you would like the chain on the left or right.

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