Zoom Lite & Storm Flags

Zoom Lite Flag Range

Zoom Lite flag poles are available in 4 standard lengths from 2.8m to 5.6m. A range of bases allow the flags to be deployed on various surfaces. To configure your display:

  1. First select the pole length that best suits your requirement
  2. Add one of the bases
  3. Select the shape of flag you prefer: feather, crest or quill

Zoom Lite and Storm bases
ZoomLite crest flag

Zoom Lite relative sizes
Overall heights (m) by pole size:
Pole lengthFeather/Crest heightQuill height

Feather, Crest and Quill shapes:

Zoom Lite shapes

Zoom Lite flag poles are designed to withstand winds up to 18mph (Beaufort scale 4).

Storm Flags

Storm 90 and Storm Curve flag poles are available in 3.6m and 4.8m lengths. Very strong yet flexible, these can withstand stronger winds up to 38mph (Beaufort scale 7).

Storm flags