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Centro Counter

Centro counter

A curved pearl white laminate counter top and high quality anodised aluminium posts provide minimalist elegance to the Centro counter. The graphic panel attaches magnetically to the stand.

Footprint: 1380 x 530 mm. Height: 1025 mm. Weight: 20 kg. Graphic panel dimensions: 757 mm wide, 999 mm high.

This counter is of course a perfect match for other components in the Centro Modular Display System.

Expolinc 'Case & Counter'

Expolinc Case & Counter

A spacious, wheeled transit case which converts effortlessly into a stylish display counter. The Case & Counter package includes a counter top, interior shelves and storage for the custom-printed graphic wrap. The graphic (1820 mm wide x 920 mm high) covers the front and sides of the counter and is attached with velcro. Total weight is approx 22 kg.

Closed dimensions (w x h x d): 640 x 1000 x 415 mm.

Overall assembled dimensions: 1390 x 1010 x 590 mm.

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