Pop-up Style Counters


A lightweight, portable display counter with integral shelves and a graphic wrap. The DC2 is easily assembled in 2 or 3 minutes without any tools; simply pull open the aluminium pop-up frame, snap on the magnetic bars and put the environmentally friendly bamboo counter top and internal shelves in place. The assembled counter is 1200 mm wide, 900 mm high and 400 mm deep.

The DC2 is supplied in a wheeled, semi-rigid transit case which is designed to take the complete kit including the graphic wrap. A size of just 94 x 42 x 36 cm means It is compact enough to fit easily into even a small car. Total weight: approx 18 kg.

The one-piece, seamless graphic wrap (2024 mm wide, 885 mm high) is finished with a durable scuff-resistant laminate and attaches magnetically to the frame. You can order different wraps for different campaigns making the DC2 a very economical multi-purpose display.

DC2 components
DC2 display counter DC2 case

DC2 front DC2 back DC2 frame

Mark Bric MP2

The Mark Bric range of MP2 display counters are very similar in construction to pop-up displays with an expandable aluminium frame and graphic panels that attach to magnetic bars.

Mark Bric MP2 Reception Desk

MP2 Reception Desk

Portable reception desk complete with wooden top and inner shelves, a 2480 x 870 mm graphic wrap and 2 carry bags.

Overall dimensions
(w x h x d):
1410 x 895 x 580 mm.

Mark Bric MP2 Mini Counter

MP2 Mini Counter

Portable pedestal with wooden top and three inner literature shelves. Supplied with graphic panels and carry bag.

Overall dimensions
(w x h x d):
685 x 1035 x 295 mm.