The Penguin (ABS 300) features strong lightweight carbon fibre rod construction with a folding steel base. This tensioned banner system collapses into a small nylon carry bag for easy transportation. The Penguin is very simple to put together and is the basis of a flexible display system, the functionality of which can be extended using various conversion kits.

The standard system takes full height 2.2m graphic panels. The optional cable kit accommodates smaller single or multiple graphic panels. A height conversion kit is also available to allow display of 2.9m high graphic panels. There is also a double-sided 2.2m version.

Various Penguin systems available Penguin example - cable strung with document shelf.

(a) Single sided 2.2m high
(b) Double sided 2.2m high
(c) Single sided 2.9m high
(d) Cable strung
(e) Cable strung with document shelf

Penguin banner stand with carry bag Components of basic Penguin banner stand
Penguin cable conversion kit. Penguin height conversion kit. Penguin document shelf kit.
Cable conversion kit to upgrade from (a) to (d). Height conversion kit to upgrade from (a) to (c). Document shelf kit (shelf, rod & bag) to convert from (d) to (e)

Penguin (ABS 300) Specifications
width (mm)height (mm)depth (mm)
Graphic dimensions 600, 800, 10002200 or 2900
Overall dimensions when on display600 - 10002260 or 2960560
Dimensions of nylon carry bag 170 diameter890 or 1090
Weight of system1.7 kg (excludes graphic panel weight)
Weight of carry bag1.5 or 1.7 kg